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Through the year in pictures

Here on the outermost edge of Denmark towards the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, the vast nature feels very present. Every day, the tide presses a cubic kilometre of new seawater into the Wadden Sea - and the nutrition in the water provides the basis for the incredibly rich fishing bird and plant life in the area.

At Mandø, a new year begins when the first migrating birds arrives. In recent years, especially the thousands of Barnacle Geese are very visible in the landscape. But the diversity is great and there is always a lot to look at - study and marvel at.

​Spring is also the time when local residents gather for the annual beach cleaning. Old and young help clean the beach of all the dirt and plastic the winter storms has brought in.​


Summer is just lovely. We swim and play on the beach, or go to the sand banks to look at seals. The seals are very curious so they often come close if you walk quiet and don't make too much noise.

Nature can also be enjoyed from horseback, because it is possible to bring your own horse to Mandø.

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