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We are called Karin and Poul Erik Fredskild, and we live in our hospitable farm in the middle of Mandø town - close up under the low dune that separates the island from the beautiful foreshore and the vast Wadden Sea.


Karin was raised with her family in Mandø. 22 years ago we found each other, got married and decided on a common future on the island.

We bought Karin's grandparents' yard and remodeled it - initially the living room for our own living - and later we converted the barn, outbuilding and barn into six spacious modern guest apartments with associated café and outdoor facilities.


Here Karin manages today - as the hostess and crank in the work of providing for the guests of the place. In the old days, it was very common for the men on the three Danish North Sea islands to sail long distance. Partly to make money and partly to be able to work at home during periods between sailing.


The life of Poul Erik is very similar to this life - in a modern edition. He alternates between fixed periods at his workplace, offshore in the North Sea, and periods at home on Mandø, where he cultivates his great passion: to draw, construct and build. The transformation of Grandpa's farm into the modern guest house has been going on for more than twelve years.


Step by step we have dreamed and devised it together. In his home periods, Poul Erik has then designed, organized, constructed and almost independently - with a little help from Karin, among others - built all the glory.

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