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Café Mandøpigen

Opening hours

Café Mandøpigen is a stylish café, tastefully decorated in a former barn, which has preserved the wall's raw structures and exposed ceiling beams.


The kitchen offers exciting lunches, a good cup of coffee or tea and a little delicious for the sweet tooth.


We are proud of the many delicious ingredients from our region, so of course they are included in many of the cafe's dishes.​


If you are a larger group or have special wishes, please feel free to contact us on phone +45 75 44 64 34 or at

The Quick


served with salad.

Choose from:

Mando lamb

Smoked salmon

Ham and cheese

kr. 85,-

The Local


Plate with three kinds of smoked fish, cheese and bread.

kr. 179,-


Plate with three kinds of meats, vegetables and cheese and bread.

kr. 179,-




Plate with two kinds of meats, one type of fish and cheese and bread.

kr. 179,-


The Sweet




kr. 38,-



With whipped cream


kr. 38,-

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Book room over the phone at:    +45 23 46 94 08 / +45 75 44 64 34

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