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Transport & crossing to Mandø


The trip to Mandø can easily be done in your own car, as long as you take some precautions. 

The road to Mandø is flooded by the tide twice a day. As a general rule, you can drive in until three hours before, and again three hours after, high tide. The tide table for 2022 can be seen HERE.
If you are in doubt about the crossing, you can call Mandø Brugs on tel. 75 44 51 02.

If you are not comfortable driving your own car, or if you simply want to have a completely different experience of the crossing to Mandø, you can book a ticket for the crossing with the tractor buses. They run on certain departures and you can find Mandø Traktorbus, which runs in the green buses, by clicking on the link HERE


Are you just a little bit curious and nature interested, you will find a treasure trove of experiences on Mandø, and in the surrounding Wadden Sea.


Absolutely outstanding plant and bird life. Under favourable weather conditions you can stroll out on to the sandflats and collect oysters. On the island there is a small local museum, the beautiful wind mill has been restored and can actually process grain to flour, the local inhabitants are quite few, but are very hospitable and will give you a warm welcome. 


A little southwest of Mandø, in the Wadden Sea, lies Koresand - a vast sandy island surrounded by wide clean sandy beaches. At low tide, Koresand is landfast with Mandø. Koresand is 20 square kilometers, it's about three times the size of Mandø. At the southern tip of Koresand there is a large and lively seal reserve. The beaches on Koresand are outstanding and great for a swim - and when the wind is right - there are good opportunities to find lumps of golden amber.

The tide rises and falls every day with an average difference of almost two meters. So the road to Mandø, called "Låningsvejen" are regularly flooded and can only be driven for a part of the day.


The island Mandø is protected against flooding by a short natural row of dunes and a rather big dike.

All this is exciting to look into - and then there is a magnificent view to look at as you stroll on the dikes and dunes.

Finally, you can also make an excursion from Mandø ... to the mainland. Just at the other end of "Låningsvejen" lies the new Wadden Sea Centre, where the building architecture and it’s contents are internationally recognized  And quite a few kilometres further ahead lies beautiful old city Ribe.

Mandø is primarily not a beach holiday island

So you do not have to worry about, the coloured lights and beach chairs.

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