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Our concept

Café Mandøpigen is a newly started authentic café, which focuses on the good ingredients and the pleasant experience. Our café is centrally located in Mandø City and is tastefully decorated in an old barn, where among other things the structure of the wall and the old beams are preserved. Here we revolve around the taste and arrangement of the food, and our ingredients are therefore carefully selected from some of the best specialists in their subjects, located on the West Coast. We offer delicious lunches, a good cup of coffee and a little for the sweet tooth

We appreciate the local


Here at Café Mandøpigen we have carefully selected our ingredients

from some of them best suppliers in the Wadden Sea National Park. We have

done this to ensure that that the quality is always top-notch and to ensure

that we have good skills in the future as well manufacturers in our immediate area.


We have chosen that all our fish come from Hvidesande Smoker,

our cheeses comes from Iron Dairy and our baguettes come from

Pompei in Ribe, where we pick them up and bake them ourselves.

We have chosen this since Pompeii are multiple Danish champions in yeast dough.


We think you have to do it, you are good time, so we have chosen

to use it these local suppliers. They are specialists in each of their

subjects and we are good at to put together a meal that gives the

individual raw material space and ensure that you hopefully don't

go hungry from here. We hope you will enjoy your experience with us.




We hope you will enjoy your experience with us.

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Book room over the phone at:    +45 23 46 94 08 / +45 75 44 64 34

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